Meinhard Kluntz, Head of Product Development

About Us

Who we are...

We are growing. We are excited. We are a Growing, Excited, Comany. Excited, and Growing and Longer, in the sense that our economic reach is greater than it was when we weren't so excited. It was Harder than we'd expected, of course, to Grow this Long. Er. Large.

This is our motto, at Yoyodyne Propulsion Systems: Excitedly Growing Longer and Harder. We anticipate Exploding all over the scene in 2013.

We have had to go to other eras to find the talent we need. Using our patented (and secret) YoYo-Time MultiverseTechnology, allows us to make virtual, quantum copies of any being in the multiverse, therefore bringing their skills in management and weapons design, to you, and help us in delivering the most destructive, deadly, and eco friendly weapons systems on the planet.

Because our technology relies on multiverse principles, it is hard to provide accurate biographies for some of our staff.

Meinhard Kluntz, our Head of Product Development, has held every job (in one reality or another) from Ice Cream Vendor to to U-boat Commander (as pictured above) in one reality or another. We extracted his U-boat self, just after his command, U-153 was sunk.

Product Development

Our Product Development Team - The Brain Trust

Our team really know how to get things done, and let their "hair down".


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